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General Orientation

Rev. November 10, 2020

Injury Reporting

In all cases of accidental death, injury or occupational illness, the employer has legal obligations under the Occupational Health and Safety Act to report particulars of the situation to the Ministry of Labour and certain interested workplace parties. As well, the employer must keep a record of past accidental injuries.

The specific obligations for reporting that apply to any given accidental injury depends on whether the situation involves a fatality or critical injury, a less severe injury, or an occupational illness. Listed below are the basic requirements for each type of situation.

Injury Reporting Procedure

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Critical Injury Reporting Procedure

In the event of a critical injury or fatality, several entities must be contacted immediately by telephone, fax or other direct means to inform them of what’s taken place.


The following parties must be contacted immediately

  • The Ontario Ministry of Labour

  • The local police (Fatalities Only)

  • The project owner

  • The Joint Occupational Health and Safety Committee

  • The Health and Safety Coordinator

  • The Health and Safety Representative in the workplace (if applicable) and;

  • The President of the corporation


Complete a written report that complies with the requirements of the Act and Regulations and submit it to the Ministry of Labour office (Director) within 48 hours.


Management will perform the investigation with the assistance of the health and safety committee/representative as stipulated in the Act.


The key actions to take during the investigation are to

  • Secure the scene

  • Identify witnesses

  • Survey the scene

  • Gather evidence

  • Interview witnesses

  • Analyze the facts


As an aid when conducting an accident investigation, keep in mind the five W's (who? what? where? when? and why?).


Medical Aid Reporting Procedure

In the event of a medical aid or lost time injury, specific personnel must be contacted immediately.

  • The following personnel must be informed immediately

  • The JHSC

  • The Health and Safety Department

  • The Project Manager


Complete a written accident report form and submit it within the same day to the company Health & Safety Coordinator.

Make use of Form 24.01 Accident or Injury Report

This form is intended for internal company use only and is designed to help people learn from the accident.


When completing the report, the investigators should keep in mind that the purpose of effective investigations and report writing is fact finding, not fault finding.

Complete a Workplace Safety & Insurance Board “Form 7” and submit it within 3 days following the accident. (Workplace Safety & Insurance Act)


Occupational Illness

In the event of an occupational illness the following personnel and entities must be informed

  • The Ministry of Labour

  • The following personnel must be informed immediately

  • The JHSC

  • The Health and Safety Department

  • The Project Manager


First Aid

In the event of a first aid injury, document the injury in full detail and notify your supervisor

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