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General Orientation

Rev. November 10, 2020

Machine Guarding

Caron Equipment Inc. recognizes that safe guarding of equipment, machinery, and the workplace in general is a contributor to injury prevention.  The company will ensure that all new or existing equipment, processes, and/or situations that pose potential hazard to workers are properly safe guarded and/or barricaded to prevent exposure to the hazard.

Machine Guarding Policy

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· Management will ensure all employees are orientated on this policy and other relevant guarding procedures. Workers will be given training on proper design, construction, installation, and maintenance of guards and barricades

· The Supervisor will orientate and instruct workers on all safeguards that exist on the equipment they operate in their particular work areas. They will also conduct ongoing monitoring to ensure that the machine and workplace safeguards are in place

· The J.H.S.C. or H&S Rep. will inspect machine guarding and other safeguards in the workplace during monthly workplace inspections. They will also examine new or modified equipment for proper safe guarding before equipment is put into service

· The Worker (including subcontractors) must not remove, modify or disable any safety guards. Workers shall inspect machinery and equipment daily for proper safeguards prior to starting it



Protective guards and barrier screens on equipment must not be removed or circumvented unless done in accordance with the lockout procedures.


Company lock out and tag procedures shall be performed by a competent person whenever a safeguard must be removed for any reason.


When a guard or barrier is removed for repair or maintenance a temporary safeguard must be installed until the permanent guard can be replaced (unless equipment is locked out until the guard is replaced).

Guards will be designed and/or modified to meet C.S.A. Machine Guarding Standards Z432-04

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