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General Orientation

Rev. November 10, 2020

Hand and Radio Communication

Radio communication equipment is used in many different types of workplaces. They serve as an important tool and safeguard for individuals at a worksite. Tools such as radios allow for communication across long distances which can help ensure that work tasks are completed safely and efficiently.

Hand and Radio Communication

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Since many worksites often have more than one worker on a channel, it is important to exercise some restraint. Avoid long, drawn-out conversations. Save the coffee or water-cooler talk for when you see each other in person, rather than tying up the radio channels.


Here are some basic principles for exercising good radio practices;

· Do not talk over someone else

· If you hear someone talking, wait until you hear them stop before taking your turn

· Only respond to a call that is for you

· Be aware that others could listen in

· Since many radio channels are open to the public and monitored via scanners and other devices, it is important to never give out confidential or private information since this information can be easily received by third parties

· Always check your battery to ensure a good level of energy, and always return it to the charger after use

· If there is an emergency and your battery has died, it could make the difference between life and death for your co-worker, so always keep a good battery on hand

· When working alone, check in on a regular schedule

· Clarity, simplicity, and brevity are the core requirements for the language of radio communication

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