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General Orientation

Rev. November 10, 2020

Personal Protective Equipment

To ensure full compliance in all sectors of the industry, mitigate risk in low light conditions and provide additional limb coverage.

This policy also serves to ensure employees have a specific and clear understanding of the required Personal Protection Equipment for the tasks they will be performing.

PPE Policy

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All P.P.E must fit, be clean and in good repair


High Visibility Clothing

· Caron Equipment Inc. has adopted a “blanket” personal protective equipment policy, whereby C.S.A Class 3 Level 2 P.P.E shall be worn by its employees in a construction, mining or industrial setting at all times

Construction Class 2 Vests are not accepted

· Employees must meet new high visibility provincial clothing standards indicated in O.Reg 854 s.262(3)

· In addition, garments shall be comprised of a blaze orange fluorescent background material

Mandatory Limb Coverage and Level 2 orange in colour


Hard Hats

· Shall be A.N.S.I / C.S.A approved and have a shell capable of withstanding 20,000volts phase to the ground

· Shall have first and last name identified on the front

· Shall have reflective material on all sides, 360° visibility

· Be current to within 5 years of the date it was originally put to use

· The brim is to be worn facing forward unless the task requires additional controls

· Be equipped with a halo and blue light



· Shall be laced type with C.S.A. approved grade 1 toe and sole protection

· It shall also be high enough to ensure good ankle support and laced firmly over the ankle 

· Rubber boots shall be a rigid material rather than a soft rubber


Hand Protection

Shall be properly worn and designed for the appropriate task


Eye Protection

· All safety glasses including prescription must be fitted with permanent side shields or a “wrap around” style, and be CSA/ANSI approved

· Tinted lenses are not permitted in low light conditions

· The need for additional eye protection such as goggles or face shields must be addressed by the supervisor and crew


Hearing Protection

· Shall be worn if exposed to 85Db for more than 8 hours of work and in all designated areas

· Double hearing protection shall be worn where prescribed

· Earmuffs must be attached to hardhat unless neckband muffs are immediately available

· Earplugs shall be made available at all times


Fall Protection

· Training in the use and maintenance of fall arrest equipment must be completed prior to use and meet O.Reg 297/13 s.6

· Fall protection equipment must be inspected by the wearer daily and by a competent person annually

· Anchor points and attachments must meet legislative requirements and be inspected before each use

· Workers must also ensure compliance with S.O.P 08.05 Slips, Trips and Fall Protection policy.


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