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General Orientation

Rev. November 10, 2020

Seat Belts

All employees of Caron Equipment Inc. must wear seat belts when operating a motorized vehicle or heavy equipment.

All occupants are to wear seat belts or when riding in a motorized vehicle at any time. This includes operating a personal vehicle being used for company business.

Seat Belt Policy

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Caron Equipment Inc. believes it is vital to offer its employees and customers a safe, healthy and productive work environment. We recognize that by not using or the inappropriate use of safety belts can adversely affect an employee’s safety and job performance.  It can also affect or endanger other employees, contract workers, customers or members of the public. 


In light of this, and the safety-sensitive nature of our operations, the Safety Belt Policy is intended to outline in more detail the standards and expectations associated with operating company vehicles and equipment. It confirms the company’s commitment to minimize risk throughout our operations as one more component of our Health and Safety Manual.



This policy applies to all employees and contractors when engaged in operating company vehicles or equipment.


Contractors will be advised of the applicable provisions of this standard and will be expected to enforce these requirements for their employees, sub-contractors and agents.



Employees have the responsibility to pay for any fines and report a fine or warning carried out by a Ministry Official of the Government of Canada to their supervisor and/or company administration. Behavior not permitted under the standard includes;

anyone not wearing a seat belt in a moving piece of equipment or vehicle;

the improper use (by design) of a safety belt

violation of section 106 and/or Regulation 613 of the Highway Traffic ACT


Consequences of a violation

While education and warnings is the preferred responses to infractions of company standards, the Company reserves the right to take all appropriate action, up to and including dismissal, should an employee violate the terms of this standard.

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