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General Orientation

Rev. November 10, 2020

The Internal Responsibility System

The health and safety of workers and their activities are based on specific individual responsibilities, most of which can be found in the Occupational Health and Safety Act (hereinafter referred to as the Act) and the Regulations for Construction Projects (hereinafter referred to as the Regulations), as well as in other applicable legislation. Outlined are details of specific responsibilities in the workplace to assist in implementing health and safety functions. This outline is not intended to be all-inclusive, but to help all parties better understand their responsibilities. All individuals in the company, at all levels and functions, are responsible for understanding and carrying out the responsibilities and duties outlined.

IRS Policy

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Worker Responsibilities

"Worker" means a person who performs work or supplies services for monetary compensation


A Worker Shall

· Comply with Occupational Health and Safety Act and all relevant regulations, including legal duties of workers

· Take every reasonable precaution necessary to prevent accidents

· Use safety equipment, devices and clothing as required

· Work in accordance with the Company's Health and Safety Program

· Participate in safety related training (such as W.H.I.M.I.S.)

· Work in a manner that will not endanger anyone

· Refrain from using any dangerous equipment or machinery without authorization

· Report unsafe situations immediately to their supervisor

· Exercise the right to refuse to do work that the worker believes is unsafe, according to the procedure set out in the OHSA

· Report injury or illness immediately to their supervisor

· Help new employees recognize job hazards and follow proper procedures

· Participate in joint health and safety committees, where applicable

· Be aware that workers are subject to disciplinary action where either Company safety rules or government regulations are violated.


Health and Safety Representative Responsibilities

A Health and Safety Representative Shall

· Inspect the workplace

· Identify situations that may be a source of danger

· Relay concerns from workers and make recommendations to the Supervisor

· Assist in accident investigations

· Assist in resolving work refusals and reports of dangerous circumstances

Ministry Responsibilities

The Ministry of Labour Develops, communicates and enforces occupational health and safety requirements and employment standards. Develops, coordinates and implements strategies to prevent workplace injuries and illnesses and can set standards for health and safety training.


Ministry of Labour

Phone: 1-877-202-0008


WSIB and Entities

The WSIB and Entities have hotlines that available to all workers.

Workplace Safety and Insurance Board administers Ontario’s no-fault workplace insurance for employers and their workers.



Health & Safety Ontario

Health and Safety Associations that provide sector specific consulting, training, products and services.


· Infrastructure Health and Safety Association which serves electrical, construction and transportation          800-263-5024                        

· Public Services Health and Safety Association which serves health, education and municipal sectors            877-250-7444

· Workplace Safety North which serves mining, pulp and paper and forestry sectors                                           888-730-7821

· Workplace Safety and Prevention Services which serves industrial, farming and service sectors                     877-494-9777


The Occupational Health Clinics for Ontario Workers

Six medical clinics located across Ontario that provide health services and information.                                    877-817-0336


Workers Health & Safety Centre

Occupational health and safety training center for workers, representatives and employers                             888-869-7950



Another place you can go for information is the Canadian Centre for Occupational Health and Safety. They have information fact sheets on their website. If you are having trouble finding information, you can ask questions by telephone at 1-800-668-4284, or through their website at

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