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General Orientation

Rev. November 10, 2020

Environmental Sustainability

Caron Equipment Inc. is committed to conduct its business operations in a manner that safeguards and sustains the environment while safely protecting human health.


We must operate in a manner that eliminates unacceptable environmental risks to our customers, employees, neighbors and the communities, and must comply with all applicable environmental laws and regulations.

Environmental Protection Policy

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The company will strive to develop an attitude of good stewardship with respect to the environmental impact of its operations and services.  We recognize that responsible environmental stewardship will ensure our continued success and growth as a company and as a leader in the construction industry.


To demonstrate this commitment, Caron Equipment Inc. will:


  • Comply with relevant environmental, health and safety laws, regulations, standards and codes of practice as the absolute minimum requirement in each of the locations in which we operate.

  • Recognize and respect the relationship between the environment and health in all phases of the project and use the best knowledge available to protect the health of employees and the public.

  • Reduce waste, conserve energy and recycle materials, to the extent practicable, to minimize negative environmental impacts.


  • Stimulate awareness by providing, education, training, and leadership to our employees, contractors to enhance our environmental protection performance.

  • Conduct regular worksite inspections to verify regulatory compliance and to identify and address operational practices that might impair environmental quality.

  • Consult with the client to ascertain environmental parameters under which the work must be performed.

  • Communicate our commitment to sound environmental practices through our pre-employment safety orientation.

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