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We work in municipalities across Northern Ontario. We also provide service to numerious public and private sector organizations on infrastructure maintenance and development. We are experienced contractors and are recognized for the quality of our project solutions.

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In the past years, Caron Equipment has successfully completed multiple projects from large to small scale all across Northern Ontario. We are committed to providing high-quality work delivered on time, on budget, and performed in a safe manner.

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Caron Equipment has several aggregate pits across Northern Ontario . With screening plants and crushing options these pits allow for the production and supply of a wide range of aggregates. This includes sand, granular A, granular B, river stone, clear stone, and rip rap which can be produced to any required specification.

Caron Equipment has been cutting and clearing merchantable timber for the local forestry sector since 1999. Our diverse fleet of forestry equipment, including feller bunchers, processors and brushers which provides the ability to tackle any size job. We manage complete jobs from developing access roads to cutting and delivery of timber to the surrounding local sawmills.

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